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Show of Hands Puppets 


Puppet Builder

Puppet Rigger/Wrangler

By Joe Peek


Joe has over 10 years of puppetry experience and specialises in building and performing hand and rod puppets (see "my work" for examples).


Joe started puppetry from a young age after witnessing a Punch and Judy show and has since branched out to working with lots of puppetry forms such as Marionettes, Rod Puppets and Bunraku style Puppetry. Joe is hugely inspired by the works of Jim Henson and the Jim Henson Company such as Sesame Street, The Muppets, Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock and he hopes to one day work on a Henson project in the future. 


Joe has been lucky enough to be involved with some prestigious projects such as puppeteering on the Sooty Show and working in the puppet department for Disneys Frozen. Along the way, Joe has recieved Guidence and mentoring from the UKs leading puppetry figure heads such as Ronnie Le Drew, Toby Olié, Phil Fletcher, Warrick Brownlow Pike and Geoff Felix  

Joe will see to all your puppet-making wants and desires if you have a concept for a puppet for your next Theatre Production, Television Show, Advert or online web series. Get in contact to turn your sketches into foam, fleece and fur. 

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